My Happy Year-from: S.v.supraja 6th Std, 12 Years, Kingdom Of Bahrain

Author : Ramayyasvp    |    City : bahrain   |    Age : 12

Theme Post : What did you enjoy the most in school this year?

My school’s name is Indian School, Bahrain. Bahrain is a small island towards gulf in Arabian Sea. Daily I see the beautiful scenery of the backwaters and the sea gulls in the beach. Everyday I cross the bridge and go to school. My school is very big and it has from L.KG to 12th standard. This year I enjoyed my school in many ways. My school started on 6th April 2009. That day itself teacher gave us the list of books. Some of them used old books. This year the books were exported to Bahrain a little late. I had all the old text books. But I told my mother that I want to buy new books. My mother said ‘No, the money will get simply wasted and also this is end of the month now there is no much money left.’ I did not obey her. I quarreled with her. At last she allowed me to buy new books. All the time I was looking into the new books. I did not buy the science textbook as the old book was neat and clean. I had many new friends and I liked to talk to them.

Every year an annual function called Rithu is conducted in my school. It takes one full month. Before the function, we were asked to prepare an emblem for Rithu. I made emblem. It was the national flag of Bahrain and India. In that function there will be many items to participate in stage events like Indian classical dances, Gujarati dance; Dandiya, Arabic dance, Western band. And non-stage events are drawing, essay writing, painting, flower arrangement, glass painting and craft. I gave my name in dance and craft. The stage events were in May. And non-stage events were in June. In dance I gave my name in folk dance of Kerala. In dance I got 3rd prize. They gave me a trophy and a certificate. In the craft the topic was photo frame in this I got 1st prize. In July we had exams. And I got fifth rank. From then onwards we had summer vacation from 26th July to 4th October. But due to swine flu our vacation got extended to 11th October. And when the school reopened we were happy to see each other and we were talking so much and we were showing the holiday homework. And we were planning what to be done for the national day. We were also telling that what we have done in India and which all places we have visited.

In December we were taken to Al-Areen Wild Life Park. It is a zoo. There I saw ostrich, flamingo, peacock, camel, Arabian Oryx and many other Arabian animals. I felt very sad because I thought that they live in hot. But when I asked my teacher she told that they have air conditioners in their rooms. On 16th of December is the national day of Bahrain, we hoisted both Bahrain’s and India’s national flags. After the flag hoisting we ate some Arabic sweets. Thus, we enjoyed the national day.

In January we were taken to Adhari Park. It is Fair Park. I went on rides such as water splash, rollercoaster, dolphin, castle, honey bee, train, jumping jack, airplane, boat and dark ghost room. Next we were taken to the Hawar Island. It is a beautiful island. It is a very nice tourist spot. It was very cloudy that day. I played a lot in the island. I and my friends were building sand castles and were collecting shells. It was a very funny time. We were even allowed to go in a ship. Everyone had a round in the ship. We saw many other nationalities like Europeans, Americans etc.

In February we had sports day. We were making preparations for the sports day. I participated in the pom-pom show we were given the pom-pom colors according to the color of our house. The sports day arrived and the school was decorated very beautifully. There were many items like relay, shot put, running race, gymnastics, yoga and pom-pom show. The pom-pom show was the last item. After the show we ate different types of food. And thus, we enjoyed the sports day.

In March we had a class party. On the day of the party we ate many items. But because I couldn’t eat I bought all the chips and chocolates to home. From the next day we had exams. And I got seventh rank. Thus, I enjoyed this year a lot

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